A 19-year-old Ridgefield resident was arrested back on November 22 after police say the man was permitting alcohol consumption by minors at an 11 Dogwood Drive party.

Authorities say they received a tip via a "Text-to-911" call, responded and arrested the man. 12 of the 19 people in attendance were underage juveniles, according to the CT Post. The same man was reportedly arrested on November 2 with the very same charges.

I'm constantly concerned for children and young adults, this includes kids that are not mine. I remember what "we" did from the ages of 17-25 and I don't know how we survived. On the one hand, we had unfiltered experiences that helped us form into the people we are today. On the other hand, some of those experiences were downright dangerous.

I wish every parent out there, the very best of luck and hope you do the same for me. One thing is for sure, being a teen/young adult is an extremely turbulent time. People of that age can know what the right decision is, make the wrong one and not even be able to explain why they did.

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