Police say a man got caught with a big ol' jar of marijuana last week in Connecticut and proceeded to place the blame on the Bay State.

According to the Patch, 20-year-old Roberto Santiago-Pena of Holyoke, Mass was charged after allegedly being caught with a Mason jar full of the good stuff last Thursday. Santiago-Pena had pulled into Henry Park in Vernon, CT after hours, and was noticed by a passing patrol officer.

The officer says he noticed the "warm smell of colitas" rising up through the Vernon air, and then questioned Santiago-Pena, who reportedly admitted that yes, he was the proud owner of the ganja, which is legal in Mass. When asked why he had so much pot, police say Santiago-Pena said he had it because it's legal in Massachusetts.

In Connecticut, that's no good — it's still illegal here.

In my mind, the conversation went like this:

Alleged stoner: "Hey officer, what's good?"

Police Officer: "Son, is that Marijuana?"

Alleged stoner: "Why yes, sir! It's so fresh - I just bought it from the store up the road."

Police Officer: "Get out of the car sir."

Alleged stoner: "Hey man! It's LEGAL, why are you hassling me?"

Police Officer: "Sir, you're not in Massachusetts, you're in Connecticut."

Alleged Stoner: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh..."

By the way, we aren't talking about a couple of joints or a dime bag of the sticky, here. The officers say Santiago-Pena was found to be holding 66 grams in the vehicle. That's well over two ounces. Even in Massachusetts, you can only legally have up to one ounce on your person.

The Vernon PD charged Santiago-Pena with sale and possession of a controlled substance, and the cherry on top of his herb sundae? He was also given a $90 fine for being in the park after dark.

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