In a bizarre twist in the case of missing mother of five Jennifer Dulos, police are reporting today that Dulos apparently attempted suicide and is in critical condition at UConn Health Center.

When he reportedly failed to show up for his scheduled court date today in Stamford, police arrived at his home and found him in medical distress sitting in his car in the homes garage. He was taken to UConn Health Center in Farmington from his Jefferson Crossing home. His attorney, Norm Pattis, said that at the time he was found and taken by ambulance, he did have a faint pulse.

Parametics worked on him at the location for over 30 minutes before transporting him to the hospital. At this time, he is listed in critical condition with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dulos and his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, were both arrested and charged back on January 7 in association with the murder of Jennifer Dulos, the New Caanan mother of five.

According to, Dulos had been expected to appear in court in Stamford Tuesday afternoon for an emergency bond hearing. The hearing, in which his $6-million bond reportedly may have been in jeopardy because the insurance company that was tied to paying the bond was uncertain to be able to cover the bond due to his home being in foreclosure. If the bond was not covered, then Dulos would have been sent back to prison.

As we reported earlier this month, Dulos and his ex-girlfriend Michele Troconis were arrested back in September on evidence tampering charges, alleging that the couple had disposed of what was believed to be Jennifer Dulos’ bloody clothing in a Hartford trash can. Police say other further investigations turned up evidence that there may have been an attempt to clean up the original crime scene. Both Dulos and Troconis had maintained their innocence.

We will continue to update this story as details are made available.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with any mental health challenges or simply needs an outlet, please contact the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text "HOME" to 741741.

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