An employee at the Federal Correctional Institution has been charged after police say he was smuggling phones into the Danbury prison.

According to, here's what went down: 37-year-old Eric Williams works in the food service department at Danbury FCI. Police say that on Monday, July 9, he reported to work, but was allegedly trying to smuggle in four cell phones and an electric beard trimmer by hiding the items in his hat, according to court documents.

When the time came for employees entering the building to be screened that day, Williams reportedly decided to abort the idea and left the hat, with all the items in it, by the employee entrance. When another officer found the hat and questioned Williams if the hat was his, he did what any self-respecting smuggler would do and denied it.

It took a little time, but when FCI officers say they put two and two together, they realized the hat and all the contents belonged to Williams. Finally, on Friday (July 20), he was arrested and charged with providing contraband in prison and one count of making false statements. He pleaded not guilty in Bridgeport Superior and was released on a $50,000 bond.

If convicted of the charges, he could face a maximum of up to six years in prison. Maybe they'll let him use one of the cell phones he was believed to be smuggling in for that one allowed phone call.

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