A guy from Long Island said he and Chevy Chase got into a tangle, but the man was acting in self-defense on the highway, according to PageSix.

The man’s name is Michael Landrio, he's a 22-year-old UPS worker who says he and his passengers were heading northbound upstate for a snowmobiling trip on February 9They say Chevy’s blue Mercedes flashed its lights at their vehicle, then pulled right next to them on the Tappan Zee (Mario M. Cuomo) Bridge. Michael Landrio said:

It was an old guy yelling – something we couldn’t hear – super pissed-off. We just tried to get the heck away from him. He followed us the whole length of the bridge, driving crazy.

They also say Chevy was weaving in and out of traffic until they pulled over at Exit 10 in the Village of South Nyack in Rockland County just after passing over the span. Landrio also said:

My friend opened his window and just said, ‘I apologize, we were just trying to go upstate.'

Then, that when they say the Mercedes blocked their vehicle, and Chevy screamed “You know who the f— I am? I am going to ruin your lives!" The entire event escalated into Chevy Chase getting kicked after throwing a punch. It sounds like something that would be a publicity stunt for a movie, but it unfortunately wasn't.

ABC TV 7 News tells us that  Police arrested Michael and charged him with second degree harassment. He was released, but has to appear in court March 5th in South Nyack.

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