It's truly hard to put into words just how much our local area was affected by the series of intense and destructive weather activity that hit us on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

In under an hour on that humid afternoon, a total of five tornadoes and three macrobursts devastated residents throughout Connecticut and the Hudson Valley in bordering New York.

Looking back on it today, I vividly remember that ominous green color that took over the sky, and everyone here at the radio station knew that this wouldn't be your typical Thunderstorm. Within what seemed like a split second, there was absolutely zero visibly and the sounds of the howling wind and crackling trees were nothing short of terrifying. At one point, the rain was falling so hard that water was rushing into the building through the closed doors as if we were completely submerged under water.

Lives were tragically lost and property and landscapes alike were physically uprooted, while many families were metaphorically uprooted, forced to vacate their homes. Most were without power and basic amenities for the better part of two week if not longer. Businesses were closed, money was lost, but the one shining light, however, was that in many ways, our community came together like never before.

Let's take a look at some of the most impactful stories from the wild experience we faced exactly two yeas ago. Click the title of each one to view the complete story:

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