When you looked at the sky on Tuesday (May 15), you could definitely tell that something big was coming. The National Weather Service has confirmed 5 tornadoes and 3 macrobursts hit the area.

Here is a timeline and the complete details of each weather event on May 15, 2018:

4:16 pm EF0 tornado Newburgh, NY.  Average wind speed of 75mph (with straight line winds that hit 90mph). The path was 50 yards wide and .62 miles long.

4:29 pm to 4:30pm EF2 tornado Kent, NY  maximum wind speed was estimated at 115 mph. 100 yards wide and 1.14 miles long.

4:29pm macroburst Kent, NY. wind speed 80-90 mph with a 3 mile wide and 4 mile long path.

4:32pm to 4:34pm EF1 tornado Patterson, NY wind speed 100mph. It's path was 75 yards and 2.89 miles long

4:37pm to 4:53pm macroburst New Fairfield, CT to Brookfield, CT a 3 mile wide and 9 mile long path and an estimated wind speed of 110 mph.

4:41pm macroburst North Salem, NY wind speed of 80 mph with a path 50 yards wide and a half a mile long.

4:53pm to 5:01pm EF1 tornado Southbury, CT to Oxford, CT. Wind speeds were upwards of 100 mph with a path 400 yards wide and 4.2 miles long.

5:01pm to 5:09pm EF1 tornado Beacon Falls, CT to Hamden, CT. Wind speed was 110 mph. The path was 600 yards wide and 9.5 miles long.

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