Time to make your voice heard in Danbury. Here's how to honor an employee of the Danbury Police Department.

Recognition of a good deed, or acknowledgement of a special effort put forth by someone, can go a long way in making us feel that we've done a good job in our work life.

To that end, the Danbury Police Department has instructions on their website about how anyone can go about filing a commendation for an employee of the Danbury Police Department.

There are several ways that you can recognize any employee of the department. Generally the accolade is sent to the Chief of Police, in this case, Chief Alan D. Baker. You can send a letter to his attention in care of the Danbury Police Department, 375 Main Street. You can send an email to internalaffairs@danbury-ct.gov, or you can call 203-797-4611.

You know when another individual has made an impact on your day, or your life in general. Whether they showed considerable compassion when helping you, or they were extremely courteous when addressing an issue, or even engaged in a life saving, heroic deed.

If you have encountered any of the above, or you believe a different action is worthy of a commendation, please don't hesitate to speak up. Being recognized for a "job well done" is incredibly meaningful.

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