Well, the wait is over. If you are tired of the retro orange-yellowish design most of us have been using for about a decade, then you might be interested to hear New York has announced its new license plate.

This winner was simply dubbed #5, from the potential choices. This one seems to capture the state from border to border; with Niagara Falls, vast mountains in the background, the Hudson River,  and the city skyline and State if Liberty all included.

WROC says that starting in 2020, any plates that are 10 years-old or more will need to be replaced for $25. This has angered some who accuse the state of a quick "cash grab". Those who want to keep their current plates will have to pay $20.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the new plates will save the state money.

It’s 10 years, you need a plate that works with EZ-Pass. If it doesn’t work with EZPass, then we have a real – talk about a money grab, we have the opposite problem.


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