It's cold outside, you want something that will take away the chill, and something that tastes yummy.

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Here comes Starbucks to the rescue, they have just revealed their new winter menu, and Pistachio Latte is one of the items that people are really looking forward to.

We found out about the origins of the new drink from a press release from the company. The new item was created for the opening of the Chicago Roastery back in November of 2019, but now everyone can enjoy this juxtaposition of taste.

According to, the company teased their secret formula for the new Pistachio Latte in that same press release:

"Starbucks reserve coffee is the star of the show, and the creamy, buttery flavor of the pistachio infused milk and the salty sweet topping of the beverage brings out the rich notes of the coffee. The drink was such a big hit with customers, Starbucks beverage development  team immediately started looking for ways last winter to bring it to life in Starbucks stores".

The other newest menu items that were revealed, and are all available now at Starbucks, were "Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew", "Kale and Portabella Mushroom Sous Vide Egg Bites", "The Earth Cake Pop", and "White and Red Velvet Loaf".

Listen don't take our word for it that this new drink is mmm, mmm, good, check out this unsolicited customer review:

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