Progress is really being made on the new gas station/convenience store/cafe bring built on the site of the old Hawleyville Deli. I was driving into the radio station this morning as I usually do along Rt. 25, and I noticed that the first branding sign has been plastered along the front of the new build. If you can't read the sign above, it says "Coming Soon! Mitchell - Deli Cafe Gasoline Diesel"

The building itself is really coming along nicely. I took a wider shot from a few feet back:

Photo by Large 'Snapple' Dave

And this is a vast improvement from just 7 months ago, I took a couple of photos right after the old building was brought down:

Photo by Large 'tumbleweeds' Dave

Mitchell is a full service energy company, providing heating oil, propane, gasoline, and associated services to Connecticut and New York residents. They also operate 6 local Sunoco stations with 2 in Danbury,2 in New Milford, and 1 each in Brookfield and Bethel. They also operate a Gulf station on White Street in Danbury.

This will make a welcome addition to the exit 9 area off of 84, I don't remember there being a gas station in this area for as long as I've been working here, and the old Hawleyville Deli was outdated to say the least. A full-service travelers gas station will be a nice addition to the area, Papa Al's, Fanboy Collectibles, the US Post Office employees, and massive, old me are going to have a nice new place to get our morning on soon.

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