That huge explosion you heard at midnight in Naugatuck last night was a little bigger than the typical bang from the New Hampshire fireworks your neighbor bought. If you were watching the local CT TV news stations last night, you may have been alerted that there was a malfunction last night during the annual Naugatuck 4th of July fireworks display. The Naugatuck Police Department posted this to their official Twitter account at 10:10PM.

By the time that the 11 o'clock TV news giants fired up, there were already videos making their way into the news rooms, here's the video that Fox 61 led off their coverage with:

The next step in the process of Naugy's loud night was around midnight. That's when it was reportedly determined that to safely dispose of the fireworks that were still loaded up and ready to roll, those had to be detonated. If you thought that the neighborhood kid's fireworks over the past few weeks were loud, well, this was a house shaking moment.

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I belong to quite a few Facebook groups, a couple of them being the "You might be from..." variety, and a lot of Naugatuck, Beacon Falls, Seymour, Middlebury and South end of Waterbury residents were woken up by the detonation around midnight. Some were clueless as to what had happened, and started moaning about the lack of respect people have to be lighting off huge fireworks so late. The excellent news through all of this is that no one was injured.


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