Sometimes in culinary life, a combo comes along that makes you say, oh yeah. Waffles and ice cream go very well together, and when you add local craft beer, plus hot July weather, it's a perfect blend of summertime fun. NewSylum Brewing Company just recently opened their doors of their beautiful new location in Newtown's Fairfield Hills Campus on Keating Farms Avenue. It's a gorgeous space with marble floors, stainless steel brewing equipment, and a state of the art wood-burning pizza oven.

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That's inside, but outside the place is what caught my eye on Facebook today, thank you to my friend Stephanie for the head's up -

Now, that's a residency that I can get behind. So basically, every weekend from 2PM-8PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's through the month of July, you can purchase Ultimate Waffle Fairfield County's delicious looking ice cream creations for the kids, while Mommy and Daddy can order themselves some of NewSylum's Flagpole Porter, Therapy Session Pale Ale, Walking' the Dog Pilsner, Nice It Up Double IPA, or Counting the Days IPA. I love those names, well thought out NewSylum.

With the 2020 summertime live event and fair schedule non-existent, this will be a great opportunity to get the family out of the house, and a treat for all members of the household after a long walk around the beautiful Fairfield Hills Campus.


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