Waterbury is home to a bunch of colorful characters, but the legacy of one of the brightest beacons of the Brass City still shines brightly a couple of years after his passing. The story of Zeqir Berisha has been told by many local news outlets, the best account of his life story was written by John Murray, and published by the excellent Waterbury Observer, which you can read by clicking HERE .

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I remember Ziggy as the loudest and most famous Albanian in Waterbury. Loud in volume, and also in wardrobe. If there was a human version of the famous Danbury Uncle Sam statue, Ziggy would have the role. You would see him out and about all over the city, but I mostly remember him around this time of year, the 4th of July Holiday. That's when I remember Ziggy camping out on the Highland Avenue bridge that goes across I-84. Hundreds of thousands of travelers honking their horns and waving back to that joyous man, reveling in his freedom, screaming back over the din of motors.

I was watching the news the other night on WTNH, and a report came on from LaSalle Blanks about a Waterbury man, Francisco Ramos, who has taken on Ziggy's patriotic flag-waving duties himself. WTNH also interviewed Ziggy's son's about his legacy, you can see both of their videos and read their article by clicking HERE

With Waterbury holding one of the state's few Fourth of July fireworks displays on Sunday night July 5 at 9:15PM, enjoy the beautiful display, and give thanks and respect to the spirit of Waterbury's Ziggy the flagman.

Here's a video I found on YouTube of Ziggy doing his work in Cheshire


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