They are only about 10 weeks old, but Stevie and Mick are now ready to begin their life long adventure and are now in the process of looking for their first forever home.

If your ready to experience two of the cutest little kittens ever, then run, don't walk to the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford and ask to see Stevie and Mick — Do you think there's a Fleetwood Mac reference here?

Stevie is a Tortie and Mick is a long-haired Tabby. Both have just had their check-ups and are spayed and neutered. Just check out our video and get a better look at Stevie and Mick, then (here comes the bad Fleetwood Mac song references), Don't Stop, Go Your Own Way to the Animal Welfare Society because the Rumors are true, Stevie and Mick will Make Loving Fun, (Sorry about that).

Get an up close look at Stevie and Mick:

For more information about Stevie and Mick, and all the other adoptable Dogs and Cats, call the Animal Welfare Society at (860) 354-1350 or visit them on Dodd Road in New Milford.

They’re open Tuesday from 11 AM to 7 PM, and Wednesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM.

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