Because of his connection with a "Furry" fandom, New Milford Town Council member, Scott Chamberlain, resigned after town residents and officials reacted harshly, according to the NewsTimes.

Scott has always been open about his activities as a Furry, giving full disclosure that he is one of many people who dress in animal, mascot-type costumes and participates in role play. There are Furry conventions, websites, and online communities bringing the fandom together.

The picture above is a good example of costumes Furries would wear.

The backlash began when a resident discovered the Councilman’s personal page on a Furry fandom website, which made some revelations that were sexual in nature and supposedly indicated that he “tolerates” rape. The resident made this discovery public, and following that, the mayor made a plea for the Councilman’s resignation. Scott Chamberlain described his activities as a “Furry” as an innocuous pastime.

What do you think? Should Scott Chamberlain be scrutinized for his sexual proclivities?

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