By the end of 2018, the town of New Milford will see its roads getting some much-needed rehab. reports that a town meeting held on Monday night saw 100 residents unanimously saying "YES" to projects over the next two years using a $6 million bond.

Residents feel that a third of the town's roads are below average and in very rough shape. Many spoke up at the town meeting and pleaded with officials to to hire outside companies stating that the town has usually repaired the roads by filling pot hole and that the roads need more than just "spot-fixing".

Whether it will be 1.8 miles or the entire length of Long Mountain, that road is planned to be among the first to be repaired. Squire Hill and a bridge on Tamarack Road are also at the top of the fix-it list. The project was supposed to start this spring but residents were told that money issues caused the delay.

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