As you can see in the photo above, there was a brutal rollover crash in Bethel, but judging by the reported outcome, things could have ended up much worse than they did.

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According to the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company in Bethel, local firefighters and emergency personnel responded to the crash after it was reported in the area of Old Hawleyville Road just after 5:00 PM on Tuesday (January 19).

From there, first responders say they were able to determine that the vehicle lost control, veering off of the road, and striking into a tree before rolling over and coming to a final rest in a private residential driveway.

Thankfully, both of the vehicle's occupants were able to get themselves out of harm's way, exiting the upside-down car before the EMS and fire company arrived at the scene.

One occupant reportedly suffered what's only been described as a traumatic arm injury and both people were taken to Danbury Hospital for evaluation and treatment. As of this writing, there has been no update on their current medical condition.

The Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company says that the cause of the rollover in currently under investigation by the Bethel Police Department.

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