Every day it's a new reality. We're adapting by the second. It's very weird to broadcast from your kitchen table. I've been in a lot of crappy studios over the years, this one isn't too bad. Day by day as this event goes on, you see different people stepping up in different ways. I've had a few experiences that I'd like to share with you, because I think we need this positivity.

I've left my house in Waterbury a few times since this all started. I've gone shopping at local establishments: Big Y in Naugatuck, LaBonne's in Watertown, Four Corners in Middlebury, and Bantam Market. Every single one of them was out of toilet paper, most disinfectant products, and, weirdly enough, tater tots. I've tried to give my money to my local restaurants that are still open, Domenick's and Vinnie's will probably be able to open a 4th location soon with my contributions.

One stop along the way really had an effect on me though, Mrs. Large and I had a jones for Arethusa ice cream, so we picked some up, and on the way back, saw a lot of activity at Litchfield Distillery. I had read and have heard that they've been manufacturing hand sanitizer, so we drove into the parking lot. People were walking towards the loading dock and stepping away with small gray and black bottles.

Photo by Large "Grateful" Dave
Photo by Large "Grateful" Dave

The guy at the dock handed me two bottles, I quickly reached for my wallet, and he said 'No charge, but, if you want, donate to this food bank" and pointed to a big collection jar full of cash. I said I needed to go back to my ride and get some cash from my wife, and he said, 'Where is she? In the car?' and handed me 2 more bottles of one of the most precious materials on this earth at this moment.

There aren't many times in my life that I have been speechless, Jesus, think about what I do for a living, but, I was in that moment.

Thank you Litchfield Distillery. I gave one of your bottles of sanitizer to my nextdoor neighbor, who is working the front lines of this pandemic as a housekeeper at Waterbury Hospital. She in turn gave my wife and I a couple of disposable masks. Your kind act rippled out on this pond, and every single one of those bottles that you are putting out there into our world is possibly saving a life. A thousand thank you's, sincerely, Large Dave Baltrush.

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