There are some things that just automatically make you happy in life and I think doughnuts are one of them.

I seem to think we have a pretty good doughnut scene here in Connecticut. Every part of the state has a pretty amazing doughnut shop within reasonable driving distance. We even have two of the best doughnut places in the U.S, according to a study.

What I've come to see pop around more and more is the mini doughnut trend. There are a few reasons why I like this idea. Rather than just having a basic, small doughnut like a munchkin, they are still all of the cool and exciting flavors, just mini. So you're able to try multiple different doughnuts without feeling guilty or going into a complete sugar rush.

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Connecticut has had their fair share of mini doughnut shops pop up and I may just need to try them all. What I love is that each of them specialize in making these mini doughnuts gourmet and just looking flat out delicious.

Mini Doughnut Places Around Connecticut

The Cinnabomb Mini Donut Factory - located at 4615 Main Street in Bridgeport, specializes in mini donuts, maxi donuts, and donuts and ice cream.

Mighty Donuts Hamden - located at 1166 Dixwell Ave has a huge array of donuts for your liking. One of their main specialties is their "mini donut bowl and milkshake". Talk about the best of both worlds! Here is a sneak peek at their donuts.

So Fresh Doughnut Co. - located at 990 Hope Street, Stamford - they serve classic favorites as well as specialty donuts and seasonal ones. Their flavors range from original, to cozy caramel, to cerealously cinnamon, to oreo crush and so much more. I think I just may need them all.

Tastease Mini Donuts - located at 70 New Park Ave, Hartford - they specialize in made-to-order so that your donuts are always fresh. Part of their motto is that "they're a fraction of mini sized donuts but just the right size to allow trying more flavors each visit." Every holiday has something special.

Have you tried any of these places so far? If so, I need to know. I think my next few weekends may be spent mini doughnut hunting. I'll be sure to report back.

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