Don't just stand there, make a wish on that shooting star!

The first of two meteor showers in October will be visible again tonight, according to The Draconoids get their name from the constellation of Draco the Dragon, and are known for some pretty cool meteor shows, although some night sky peepers feel that they don't live up to their star status.

So exactly how does it happen?  As a comet named 21P/Giacobini-Zinner takes its trip around the sun (which takes it 6.6 years to take that whole trip) it leaves sort of a dusty path. We (aka earth) go through that path and kick the dust up which creates a heck of a light show. Hence, a meteor shower.

Wanna see it? Go away from city lights as far as you can. Dude, we're talking you have to find a super dark spot to view this the right way. When you find your spot, lie down on the ground and wait.

Did you miss it this time? No worries, more meteor showers are on tap for later this month. Stay tuned.

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