Some people may call it "graffiti", but don't use that word in front of renowned Bethel artist, Peter Lefloch. Some of Peter's work does require spray cans of paint, but in no way, shape, or form does he classify what he does with a word like that.

See, Peter is a mural artist, and a very popular one in the artist community. His latest piece of street art can currently be seen on Greenwood Avenue in Bethel on the side of the Bethel Printing and Graphics/Redding Roasters building.

If you travel on Greenwood Ave., you can't miss the latest creation from local artist Peter Lefloch. It's a scene out of Alice In Wonderland, and was commissioned by the owners of the Redding Roasters.

Once he got the go-ahead, Peter asked another hot name in mural and graffiti art, Kenny Hess, better known in the art circles as Yedi Fresh, to help out in creating this mural. Peter's concept is to create something the people in Bethel would be proud of, and to be able to show that different artists with different styles can work together in harmony.

Once the mural is complete, look for more of Peter's work in other areas around town.

Here's what Peter had to say when I caught up with him recently at the site of the Alice in Wonderland mural:

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