If you've ever driven through Bantam and Litchfield along 202 or 63, you've seen the beautiful farm, and smelled the incredible waffle cone scents of Arethusa Farm, and Al Tavolo/Ice Cream shops. I've eaten at Arethusa Al Tavolo once, and it was a world-class experience.

Most of us also know by now that the men behind the Arethusa empire are also the president and vice president of fashion powerhouse Manolo Blahnik.

Well, the month of August is going to be a busy one up in Litchfield.

First up, on August 11, the Litchfield Historical Society has invited the public to meet the Arethusa Cows in the Tapping Reeve Meadow, which is located behind the Law School at 82 South Street in Litchfield. You can learn about the history of Arethusa, enjoy some of their ice cream, and Tapping Reeve cheese, and all proceeds from the event will benefit the LHS education mission. Admission is $5 per person, or $20 per family. To register for the event, of for more info click HERE

Photo by Large Dave

No offense to the cows, but the other event that I'm sure will draw a much bigger and excited crowd, is the annual Manolo Blahnik sample shoe sale. This event has been known to induce labor, bring clouds of locusts, and completely eradicate every budgetary restriction in the female world. This year's event is happening on Saturday August 17 from 9AM to 4PM at the Litchfield Firehouse, 258 West Street.

So ladies, not only do you get deep discounts on some of the most chic stilettos you've ever laid eyes on, there will be fireman eye candy on the other side of the windows too!

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