Thomas John is the Seatbelt Psychic and he's coming to the Ridgefield Playhouse on January 13th, and all this week you can win your tickets to be there.

Just be listening all this week at 7:40 in the morning and see if you can make a Psychic Match to win your tickets to experience Thomas John, the Seatbelt Psychic.

Thomas John is a global psychic sensation who has wowed audiences across the world with his impressively accurate messages from ‘the other side’. Thomas John is one of the nation’s most coveted psychic mediums, and you can catch him on January 13th at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

You may have also seen Thomas John on his new Lifetime half-hour series, “Seatbelt Psychic” where he surprises unsuspecting ride-share passengers with readings.

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