It seems to have become the norm in Greater Danbury over the last year — stores either closing for good, or moving locations. Well it's happening again, this time in New Milford.

TJ Maxx recently closed their Brookfield location and opened up in a new location and a new shopping center in Danbury. Now the New Milford TJ Maxx will be closing their current location in the Fairfield Plaza on Danbury Road in order to move to a new building at 169 Danbury Road. It's the same plaza where you'll currently find Kohl's, Big Lots, and Home Goods.

As you can tell from the photo above, construction is currently underway at the new TJ Maxx location and according to our sources, the grand opening should take place sometime this March.

For TJ Maxx, switching store locations is not unusual. Take the Brookfield to Danbury switch last year. Over the last few years, a number of their stores nationwide have moved and relocated to newer, higher traffic areas.

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