Can you smell it in the air? These past few days of 90+degree heat and humidity has made the leaves start withering, the grass to start drying up, and the damn humidity to fall. Autumn is on the way, with its cool breezes and crisp air, and from what we're being told, it's going to be a magnificent display of color around these parts this year.

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According to the Official Fall Foliage report from the State of Connecticut on, Connecticut forecasters are predicting that Autumn 2023 will be filled with vibrant colors, and it's all beginning to start right now. I noticed it last night in Torrington, and today in Brookfield, those stiff winds that blew through our area last night took down a lot of green leaves that had already started to dry up.

According to the Fall Foliage Report from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the estimated dates for Peak Fall Foliage in Connecticut will be from October 5 through November 8, 2023. We should start seeing some color appear over the next week or so (September 17-20) in the Northeast and Northwest corners of the state. The first splashes of color are predicted to appear in the greater Danbury area between September 30 - October 2. True peak color is predicted to happen in the Northwest and Northeast corners of Connecticut the following week from October 3-8. The majority of Connecticut is predicted to have peak Fall foliage during the week before Halloween 2023 - October 24-30.

Most would steer you to the Northwest corner of Connecticut along Rt. 7 for a great leaf-peeping trip, and yes, it's a great ride, but as an alternative, take a ride along Rt. 8 from Waterbury all the way up through Otis, Massachusetts. Spectacular views and you can drive at highway speeds and enjoy great views here too.

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