I love it when someone compiles a crazy list of our favorite local things, and publishes them to their website for me to pick on. I found another one this morning, it comes from "America's Most Complete Seed and Nursery Company, Gurney's" , they're a mail-order seed company out of Greendale, Indiana, so we should take what they say about Connecticut's fair food eating habits seriously. Anyway, according to their list of The Most Popular Fair Foods In Every State, kielbasa is the most popular fair food here in Connecticut.


Now, I'm part Polish, my wife is related to the owners of the Janik Sausage Co. in Enfield, they've been making kielbasa for 121 years. I've attended hundreds, if not a thousand Connecticut street fairs, festivals, feasts and carnivals in my 51 years. I can honestly say that I've never turned to anybody in my life and said, "oh my God man, I can't wait to get to the Mt. Carmel feast and stuff 4 feet of kielbasa in my face". I don't think I've ever thought about eating kielbasa at a carnival or street fair? Anyway, it just struck me funny that a seed company out of Indiana crunched some Google Trends numbers, (seriously, they did), and published that kielbasa is Connecticut's favorite street fair food. Maybe if everybody that lives in the Polish Center of Connecticut - Hard-Hittin' New Britain - searched for kielbasa at once? But, I don't buy it.

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Neighboring states fared a bit better - New York's favorite fair food was cotton candy. Rhode Island - chicken fingers, New Jersey's was deep fried oreos, all three are respectable. But, Massachusetts was fried sweet potatoes? Let me tell you something, Gurney's, if you put a fried sweet potato booth at The Big E next to the Maine building's famous baked potato? You'll truly see Massachusetts favorite fair food emerge victorious.

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