We have a brand new place to party opening real soon right in Danbury, situated along Route 7, just by the Ridgefield line. It's a place that will become known as Juddy’s Place.

According to the Danbury Patch, Juddy’s Place will be a sports bar and cafe, located at 66 Sugar Hollow Road. It’s supposed to open in short order, but there is no confirmed info regarding exactly when. Mr. Daniel Mulvhill was the applicant, and premitee receiving a provisional liquor permit from Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection back in November of 2017.

After all the storm clean up that I’ve got to do, and when everything gets back to normal, I’ll be stopping by to check it out. I'll be doing this purely for professional reasons — cough, cough — It will probably follow a trip to the Danbury Fair Mall too, as it’s less than 10 minutes from there, and a mere 4 miles away. Hey, I know my better half would appreciate kickin’ back a couple at the new sports bar in town as well!

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