Check this off of my bucket list. Who wouldn't want to be in their own music video?

I'm sure you're tired of hearing it, but Sam Hunt is officially engaged. I have been dealing with the five stages of grief for the better part of a week now. At first, I was in complete denial, then I became a bit angry, there was bargaining asking the country music gods why they sent us such a beautiful man just to marry him off. I think I hit the depression stage on Friday during my juice cleanse, but also I might have just been hungry. Finally, I think I have accepted the fact that it was never meant to be. I'm moving on, I swear.

But before I finally let this go, I must share with you my music video debut. I wrote this song/poem with Sam Hunt's "Take Your Time" in mind. In the original cut, I actually sang the whole song, but apparently it was too in tune and corporate told me I had to sing worse or read it as a  poem to avoid any copyright laws. Below you can check out my first ever music video to "Waste my Time."

Make sure to vote for it on TRL, if that's still a thing.

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