The recently vacated Toys 'R' Us store at the Plaza at Buckland Hills in Manchester will be the home of a new pop-up toy retail outlet.

This info comes to us from the people at The Rock FatherThe brand new toy store will be one of just 50 opening around the nation, but we hope that it's just the start of the new venture. Hopefully, we'll see more of these move into vacant Toy's 'R' Us locations.

The stores will be integrated with Halloween City pop-ups as a kind of experiment to see how the concept fares. So far, it looks like just a seasonal set up, as we reported back in June, but if sales are good, maybe they will stay open (we hope anyway).

This undertaking is part of Party City stores' entree into the toy market, as an attempt to fill the void left behind by the Toys 'R' Us stores that recently closed.

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