Over the last two decades, the Patriots have been the best professional sports team in the country. With headcoach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady at the helm, they have won a staggering six Super Bowls. Usually, every year, Patriots fans and football fans have the expectations that they will be in another Super Bowl, but this year is not looking promising, especially the last few games.

The Pats looked great at the beginning of the season; their wide receiver squad included Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon, Antonio Brown and Demaryius Thomas. All of the media outlets were saying how this offense was the best in the league, and how many points they were going to score every game.

Since that time, however, the only wide receiver left from that group is Julian Edelman, and he isn't enough to get them back to the Super Bowl this year --  not with the level of competition we are seeing this year from the other AFC teams.

It all started going south a few weeks ago, when they played the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson lit up the Pats' defense for 37 points, which looked the best in the league up until that point. The Patriots, in the last two weeks, have lost two consecutive games to the Texans and the Chiefs. Granted, both of those games were close, but the Patriots just have not looked like themselves ever since that Ravens lost.

Last week, before the Pats played the Chiefs, the Chiefs equipment got sent to New Jersey by accident and only arrived to Foxboro a few hours before the game. If their equipment wasn't there with enough time before game time, they would have had to forfeit, which has never happened before in the history of the NFL. The Chiefs equipment manager took responsibility for the mess up, but some people do believe that Bill Belichick was involved in some way or another.

That same day in Cleveland, the Patriots sent a video team to film a documentary on an advance scout who was attending the game. Where things get a little messy is that there was also a third party video contractor at the game, of which the Browns were aware, but the Bengals and the NFL were reportedly not. A Bengals staffer spotted a cameraman filming the first quarter of the game. He said the camera was pointed at the Bengals sideline that entire time. Some outlets have referred to the situation as "Spygate 2.0," but none of the current conspiracies have been proven and this is an ongoing investigation that probably won't be finished until the end of the season, most likely. If the Patriots are found guilty they will be fined a lot of money and lose draft picks.

Are we starting to see the downfall of the Patriots' dynasty as we know it or will Bill and Tom get it all together in time for the playoffs?

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