A dear friend of mine recently lost his dog, and he buried his pup on his property in Bethlehem. When my wife and I lost our two Chihuahuas in the 2010's, we had them cremated directly from the vet's office. It's bad enough that you lose your beloved pet, but in some cases, you're faced with what to do with their remains.

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I've owned fish over the years, and it seems that the universal disposal method for anything small and aquatic is to flush them down the toilet. I don't know of too many pet cemeteries in Connecticut, (I do remember Balmoral in New Milford), and if you're a renter, I'm sure the homeowner's association will not allow you to dig a 4 foot hole by your patio. But, if you're lucky enough to own your own piece of Connecticut land, can you legally bury your beloved pet on your own property?

Yes, According to emergencyvetusa.com, burying your pet is legal on your property here in Connecticut, as long as you dig deep enough to avoid scavengers (3-5 feet), not located near a water source, and your pet didn't pass from an infectious disease. In New York, there are no state laws involving burying your pet on private land.

I'm sorry if you have suffered the loss of your beloved pet, I've been a dog owner for most of my life, and I've lost 5 of my best friends over the years. I hope you will find this information useful, and bring you some level of comfort.

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