If you’re in the market to make some cash on the side, and you know how to plow snow, The New York State Thruway Authority could use you. They need extra seasonal employees to remove snow from some of the states almost 3,000 miles of Thruway roads and highways, according to the Thruway's website.


The pay is anywhere from $18.36 to $24.04 an hour, plus overtime pay which is time and a half. They’re taking applications now under the title of ‘Thruway Maintenance Worker’. It’s part time and seasonal, but could end up becoming more steady.


You have to have at least a Commercial Drivers License B, and 18 months of operating construction equipment under your belt, but those requirements may vary depending on which assignment you get.


For all the info regarding applying, get the application here. This would be great for anyone who normally gets the day off when it snows, for example, school bus drivers. With this job, when it snows you get pretty good dough.

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