He was a fixture on the Danbury City Council and a long time teacher in the Danbury Public School system, and just days before seeking re-election, Gregg Seabury has died.

The city of Danbury released a statement this morning informing everyone of Mr. Seabury's passing:.

The City of Danbury is deeply saddened by the passing of Majority Leader and Councilman At-Large Gregg William Seabury. Mr. Seabury is survived by his wife Barbara and his four children. His loss will be deeply felt by the entire community.

Seabury died over the weekend, however, he was running this year for re-election as a councilman at large, and election officials are still deciding what to do with the ballot.

For over 30 years, Seabury was a beloved science teacher in Danbury Public Schools. He taught at Rogers Park Middle School, Broadview Middle School and Danbury High School.

In 2003, Seabury joined the common council as a Republican, where he served as a councilman at-large. In 2008, he retired from teaching, but kept his seat on the common council.

Gregg was respected by everyone in Danbury, from his students to his political constituents. My son had Mr. Seabury while at Danbury High School and he still says to this day that he was such a nice guy and a great teacher. I knew Gregg for many years, and he was just an overall good guy and had a passion for whatever he did.

City Council member Paul Rotello, a Democrat, had this to say to newstimes.com:

Politics aside, there was a great sense of loss at the party’s headquarters over the weekend, We may not have been in the same party, but Gregg was a good person and everyone in the headquarters this weekend were in a very somber mood, I really grew to have a deep respect for him over the years.

Seabury is survived by his wife Barbara and his four children. Funeral services have not been announced.

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