Finance and Augusta Drive were closed all morning (November 6) due to a fire that broke out at an industrial park in Danbury. reports that Firefighters were called to control a blaze at Bedoukian Research. One of the three scrubbing tanks used at the perfume and scent facility filled with carbon and ignited at around 7:00 am.

Right now, we are really at a holding pattern. We don’t want to put anymore water into the tank because we don’t know how much it can hold before failing. There is a speciality cleaning company that is coming by this afternoon with a vacuum truck that can pull the water out of the tank. - Assistant Fire Chief Mark Omasta told the News Times.

Although the fire was still burning throughout most of the day, Omasta says that firefighters are keeping the blaze under control by cooling the interior and exterior of the scrubbing tank as the carbon continues to burn off. He also stated that air samples have been taken and there is no danger to area residents.

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