If you've ever visited Harrybrooke Park in New Milford, then you're probably familiar with the house you see when your leaving the park. Well, that iconic home is not there anymore.

Harrybrooke Park is one of our favorite places to visit and walk around, and every time my wife and I left the park, we always commented about that Lanesville home, not just because of the beauty of the structure, but because it had become a haven for vultures.

You could always count on a large group of birds perched on the roof, kinda reminded us of a Munsters or Addams Family House.

Well, now there will be one thing that will be missing when we drive out of the park, the house.

According to the Harrybrooke Park Facebook page, the iconic home has been demolished.

New Milford Representative and Executive Director of Harrybrooke Park, Bill Buckbee, explained to me why the house is gone, and what's going to replace it.

"Someone bought up the property and they are going to be building condos. My understanding is that it may include up to 12 units. Crews came in late Tuesday, and by Wednesday morning the house was gone. It was a beautiful house with a five car garage that I would guess dated back to the 20's or 30's, it had been there forever. It was a family home for many, many years, I think the Cass family owned it. When the husband passed away, the wife had a hard time maintaining the property and she moved out. I've said for years that if I could pick a house in New Milford that I would own, that would be in my top 5. I heard this was going to happen sometime soon, but it's still a shock not to see it there anymore".

So the other big question for Bill is, where will the Vultures go now that the house is gone? 

"They live in the park on a regular basis, right behind my place in the tall trees, that's where they nest".

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