Ice Jam flooding that was reported all weekend along the Housatonic River is causing a commotion in New Milford and road closures and evacuations in Kent, CT.


The Kent Senior Center is open as a shelter for residents who might be displaced by the flooding. 

The warm weather and melting snow last week, coupled with the rain and then freezing conditions Friday night into Saturday, caused ice to break up and swollen rivers to overflow.

According to various sources including, on Saturday, first responders had to use boats and pay loaders to rescue residents in Kent from their homes when flood waters made it impossible for them to leave. No one was hurt and the displaced residents all found places to go. It is unclear how much damage was done to the homes.

Some docks were also ripped from their footings, and debris and tree branches were also encased in the ice flow.

Route 7 from Route 341 to Bulls Bridge Road is expected to be closed for some time because flood waters have frozen on the road.

A Facebook post from the Kent Volunteer Fire Department had an update for residents yesterday morning:

Many residents also took to their smart phones capturing some spectacular videos.

Local authorities have a warning for residents not to get too close to the Ice Jam. There is still a large portion of the River that is clear from Cornwall northward, so the large volume of water is creating intense pressure along the river especially at the jam point in Kent.

Both the towns of Kent and New Milford have emergency operation plans in place and are asking residents to contact state police if they see water flooding onto roads that have not been closed.

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