I'm still up somewhere above Cloud 9, but I know that this blog will just about write itself. This morning, our Promotions Director, Trevor Frisbie, and I headed down to Yankee Stadium for a press conference with Garth Brooks!

As I sat down in the front row among the other news, tv and radio people, Trevor set up the video camera in the back, and we were ready. How cool is this?

In walked Garth Brooks and the first thing he said was, "This goes much better if you ask me questions rather than me talking at you, and please let me know your name. I want to know who you are."

Very cool, so down-to-earth. I had to keep reminding myself that this is Garth Brooks. I felt like I was listening to a pal up there answering questions.

He answered a bunch of questions before I raised my hand, but I also had a question for Garth. I said, "I'm not sure who is a bigger Billy Joel fan, you or me." He laughed, and then I asked my question.

When it was all over, Trevor and I waited for our one-on-one interview for quite a while, but who cares? We were about to talk to an icon and bring him to our listeners. When it was finally our turn, Garth looked at me and said, "Hey, Billy Joel fan, come here," and he hugged me! Garth Brooks is hugging me! We talked more as Trevor set up the video camera and this is what happened next:

What an amazing morning at Yankee Stadium talking to a former New York Met. Oh, you didn't know? Garth Brooks is a man of many talents.

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