A scary situation in an office building that overlooks the Danbury Fair Mall. At about 12:45 pm this afternoon (September 6) a fire reportedly broke out at Lee Farms Corporate Park at 83 Wooster Heights in Danbury.

According to an eyewitness who wanted to remain anonymous, a fire alarm alerted those inside to evacuate the building.

The fire alarm went off and we all left the building quickly. We could smell something as soon as we heard the alarm and there was a hazy smoke near the elevators. It took about 10 minutes for the fire department to arrive, and I overheard them talking about an overheated pump in one of the elevators.

— Anonymous Business Owner at Lee Farms Corporate Park


Photo used by permission
Photo used by permission

When Danbury firefighters arrived, the witness said they quickly brought the situation under control. No injuries were reported, but when office workers were allowed to go back into the building, they complained that the burnt smell still lingers in the air.

Word has it that the top floor windows exploded because the A/C went off kilter and it got too cold in some part of the building. The elevators are always undergoing maintenance. It smells absolutely awful in here right now.

- Anonymous Business Owner

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