Seven people, including six police officers, were injured when a barn exploded behind a house in North Haven on Wednesday night.

According to, North Haven Police, Connecticut State Police and a SWAT team were on the scene of a hostage situation when the blast occurred. Nearby residents reported on the North Haven Police Facebook page that they felt their houses shake and they could hear an explosion.

Police and SWAT officers had been at the North Haven residence since earlier in the afternoon and were trying to defuse a violent domestic issue. The owner of the home had allegedly barricaded himself and his wife and the situation took a turn for the worse at about 8:30pm when the blast occurred. Several smaller explosions were also heard while police continued to try and coax the man out.

The injured were taken to Yale New Haven Hospital. Their condition has not been made public yet. It is also not yet known if the man or his wife were hurt.

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