Here's one from the "What Was I Thinking?!" files!

According to a fox61 report, UCONN Professor Dr. Flavio Uribe D.D.S. apparently thought it would be a good idea to snap a selfie with other graduate students with a couple of severed heads spicing up the background in the shot.

The Associated Press obtained the photo from someone in a private group chat that was attending a surgical workshop at the Yale School of Medicine in June of last year. Yale officials were shocked and called the episode inexcusable.

Can't we all just lighten the hell up? Obviously, Dr. Uribe who is head of orthodontics at UCONN Health was just trying to add a bit of levity to this surgical workshop which was swimming in teeth. How many simulated crowns and root canals can a bunch of dental students tolerate before all hell breaks loose?

Dr. Uribe took it upon himself to help alleviate the stress of some of his students by simply snapping some selfies with severed heads as background props. Not to worry though because those heads were used last year for medical research training at Yale University. Hey, no harm, no foul. Sometimes doctors just need to blow off a little steam with some well-placed medical humor.

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