We just received a press release from Taylor O'Brien in Mayor Boughton's office letting us know about some great news for a City Center Danbury restaurant. Empire of The Incas has two area locations, one is located on Stony Hill Road in Bethel, and the other location is at 241 Main Street in Downtown Danbury.  The city has announced that the Danbury Empire location has qualified for a $10,000 grant to revitalize their building.

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Basically, the city is going to help the owners financially as they knock down the brick facade of their restaurant, and replace it with modern sliding glass doors that will allow the restaurant to usher in a more open-air, inviting dining option in this coronavirus era.

“This concept creates an inviting feel and brings excitement and innovation to our downtown,” states Roger Palanzo, Director of Business Advocacy for the City of Danbury. “We hope this will inspire other downtown property owners and tenants to consider similar improvement projects.”

Danbury has encouraged other City Center business owners to apply for the Facade Improvement Grant Program, which allows a maximum grant of $10,000, and is made available after a vetting process involving the Planning and Zoning Department, Architectural Advisory Committee, and mayor Boughton's office.

If you'd like to read more, and apply if you're a City Center Danbury business owner, read up and apply online at the Official City of Danbury website 


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