A complete tragedy was avoided in Danbury this week when a city Detective and two brave residents sprung into action.

At about 7 AM on Tuesday (June 20) Danbury Police Detective Sergeant Adam Marcus, who was off-duty at the time, stumbled upon a car accident that had just happened near 65 Ball Pond Road in Danbury. At the same time, along came two Danbury residents, 32-year-old, Chris DiMauro and 28-year-old, Danielle Lo Medico.

As the trio explored the silver Jeep Liberty tipped over on its side and partially submerged in a pond, they discovered that there was a female trapped inside and that she was injured. DiMauro, Lo Medico, and Detective Marcus immediately entered the water in an attempt to rescue the 17-year-old female.

As they were able to free her from the submerged car, they brought her up onto the shore and stabilized her until medical emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

An investigation of the accident determined that the 17-year-old girl was driving south on Ball Pond Road, lost control of her Jeep, and hit a telephone pole and several guard posts before entering the water with the vehicle on its side. She was brought to Danbury hospital to treat the injuries that she sustained in the wreck. The driver was issued a verbal warning for traveling too fast, and the Department of Environmental Protection is running an investigation as well.

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