Every Tuesday morning, we have the Mayor of Danbury Mark Boughton on the show to fill us in on the state of the city during the coronavirus crisis.

This week, as the state gets ready to slowly re-open, Mark urges residents to continue the social distancing and lets us know his favorite margarita.

So what's the status of the coronavirus in Danbury this week?

We're working real hard at pushing the coronavirus curve down. We are still seeing significant infections across the city. This virus is there, it's a long term threat, and we're going to have to figure out how to navigate and work around it. Right now City Hall will remain closed, we are there, doing business, but the building is closed to the public.

We just want everyone to follow the guidelines. I get it, it's so hard when the weather gets really nice, people just want to be outside, but we just have to be smart about this so we can get through it. You have to wear your mask, and understand it's not just about you getting infected, it's about you not infecting others. It's a highly contagious, insidious virus that can get anywhere at anytime, plus it's lives for awhile on surfaces too, and can even live on your shoes, so we have to be extra careful especially if we're talking about opening up some local businesses soon.

Being that it was Cinco De Mayo when we talked, I asked the Mayor what his favorite type of Margarita is.

I just like the standard straight up salt on the rim margarita that you can get at a resort, I love those things, but I only have them when I'm on vacation, I don't usually have one locally, like we don't stop work at city hall just to have a margarita, but if I do have one it's got to have the salt on the rim.

In case you missed it, here's my interview with Mayor Mark in its entirety:

The Mayor also wanted to remind you that if you make a donation to one of the local food pantries, or the Hillside Food Outreach, he'll do a special Karaoke performance during his Facebook live updates. Last week he did an NSYNC song after a $1000 donation to the Hillside Food Outreach. Here's a few photo's, check out the special effects.

Mayor Mark Facebook page image
Mayor Mark Facebook page image
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