Every Tuesday morning, we have the Mayor of Danbury Mark Boughton on the show to fill us in on the state of the city during the coronavirus crisis.

This week, I got a chance to talk to him about the virus in Danbury, his karaoke challenge, what he's binge watching, and when the city might start to re-open.

So what's the status of the coronavirus in Danbury this week?

"We have hit the apex in terms of cases over the last week. We expect that to continue for about another week, then we should begin a slow decline. The most important thing we can do is continue with the social distancing, and all of the precautions that we have been taking. The reason we hit the apex is because we implemented those precautions, the minute we lift them the concern is that we'll start with another round of infections. The virus is out there, it's deadly for some people, and you need to take all the precautions, and follow all the guidelines we have set up for the city."

So now you're doing karaoke when you get a large donation to one of the local food pantries. I saw your last one, the "Old Town Road" song.

"My apologies to all the true artists out there, I know it was painful, but we did raise $1,000 for the Daily Bread Food Pantry. We also had other donations to the Hillside Food Outreach, all kinds of good things are happening."

What's the show you're currently binge watching while you're sheltering in place?

"I just finished Unorthodox -- very good show. There's some new ones coming out I'd like to check out. What I'll do is go back and do an oldie, a favorite, and for me, that was the TV show Friday Night Lights, I've been working my way through it. I'm currently in season 5 of that show."

Last week, you said that after the shelter in place ban is lifted in Connecticut, then the city would also slowly open. Are you still thinking it may not actually happen until June?

"I would think by mid-June you'll see some manufacturing begin, you'll see some other business begin. I think restaurants and bars will have a longer haul -- that's where you find most of the family run businesses, and you feel so bad for them because they are really going to take it on the chin. I did speak with the governor last week. We're going to do everything we can to get everything back and running so we can get in all of this year's holiday season. Look you have to be safe, we don't want to send people out there and have them get sick."

Here's the complete interview with Mayor Mark:

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