Today (8/6/20), Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton was interviewed by a local radio station to follow up on yesterday's discussion about Eversource. The Mayor seems frustrated with the power company's lack of urgency to get power restored to residents throughout the state, saying:

"I wouldn't be so upset if Eversource was chipping away at it and they were restoring 300 or 500, 1000 people a day until they got it squared away here, but the reality is that we haven't seen a truck. So they haven't even started the process to understand what material they are gonna need, how they're gonna fix things, they keeps pushing things out, everyday they're not here is another day that we have to wait on the other end and I've got, as I mentioned yesterday, I've got seniors who have medical devices, who need oxygen, who have all kinds of different needs via electricity and air conditioning, as well and they don't get it and so I get angry."

He went on to mention, "I'm angry because we have an organization that's a monopoly in this state whose CEO makes $19 million dollars a year and they can't keep the lights on, they can't prepare for a storm and oh, by the way, they can't figure out how to keep your rates low because they send out these outrageous bills in July. So, you put it all together and I think it's time for a serious change in terms of the way we buy and deliver power here in the State of Connecticut."

The main phone number for Eversource, should you need to contact them with concerns, is (800)286-2000.

This is today's full Eversource segment with the Mayor for reference:

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