Reflecting on 9/11 on the Streets of Danbury Helped Me Put Things in Perspective
20 years later, I can see the events of the day unfolding before my eyes like it was yesterday. On any normal day, I try and put the tragedy out of my mind but whenever the anniversary of 9/11 comes around I try and reflect on it, remember the fear, anger and sadness we all experienced that day. As I thought about it this past weekend, it had a profound impact on how I see the world around me.
The Danbury Flood of 1869 is a Local Disaster Lost to Time
Most everyone in Danbury knows about, or has heard of the catastrophic Hat City flood of 1955 where 87 people died. But most don't know, it was not the city's first, and the power of the flood of 1869 would be unrivaled almost anywhere. In "The Place You Live" segment that aired on August 31, 2021 I-95's former News Director Mike Allen shared his research on the failure of the Upper Kohanza dam in Danbury and what it meant for the people in Downtown Danbury that day.

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