Every year on Halloween, Danbury's Deer Hill Avenue is a destination for thousands of trick-or-treating families throughout the Greater Danbury area. The folks that live on this street are always gracious hosts, but this year will not be like years past.

The residents of Deer Hill have decided not to play host to thousands, in light of the COVID-19 health crisis. Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, joined our sister station and made the announcement, saying:

Deer Hill, by the way, which is huge, huge, tremendously big, huge. They are not doing their Halloween this year.

He continued:

People are going to lose their minds about it.

I asked the Mayor how the decision came about and if the residents made that decision on their own?

Yeah, they did, so they got together and they said listen, you know we are not going to have it, because it's not just a couple hundred people, it's like three or four thousand that are up there so, they're going to pass on it this year, so don't bother going up there.

It's sad and all, but 2020 is sad. We will all live if we miss a year on Deer Hill Avenue to avoid a spike in the coronavirus that maybe some people will not live through. If you have never been up there on Halloween, please sit the next few plays out and save your outrage over the cancellation.

I've been up there more than once on Halloween and the Mayor's comment that "thousands" attend is more than fair. There is not an empty chunk of sidewalk available and if you wanted to be socially distant, you could not.

This is not a cancelation of Halloween in the Hat City. The holiday will roll on, but the city is encouraging people to observe the lights. If you are a family who is not comfortable welcoming trick-or-treating families, you should turn off your front porch light. If you are a family out for fun and candy, you should not attempt to ask for candy at a home that has their front porch light off.

Happy Halloween everyone, everything will be fine if we choose for it to be.

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