We've just received an official statement from the office of Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo announcing that as of 12:01 AM on Friday, October 15, 2021, that the city of Danbury will lift its indoor mask mandate for fully vaccinated individuals only.

According to the statement, pursuant to Governor Lamont's Executive Order 13A and the Declaration of State of Emergency for the City of Danbury, Mayor Cavo has issued a modified order. The order includes that all indoor public spaces, indoor public venues, indoor gathering places, spaces, areas and locations in the City of Danbury, where gatherings could and do occur, including businesses, offices, and other public accommodations, that only those who are unvaccinated or unable to show proof of vaccination, and who are not exempt under Executive Order Sec. 1. a., are required to wear proper mask coverings.

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The statement goes on to say that this order will stand until repealed or superseded by Mayor Cavo, or Governor Lamont. Also, Mayor Cavo reiterated that he supports fully vaccinated individuals who choose to still wear their masks inside indoor public settings, and also voiced his support for any Danbury establishment that wishes to continue the use of masks for visitors/patrons, and has pledged the support of the Danbury Health Department and it's resources to assist in facilitating a plan, if requested.

Danbury public and private schools are not subject to Mayor Cavo's order. Masks are still required in schools, pursuant to Governor Lamont's Executive Order. Also, masks will still be required in healthcare facilities, facilities housing vulnerable populations, public and private transit, correctional facilities, and child care facilities.

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