Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced yesterday his administration will soon be releasing $40 million dollars of funding from Connecticut's Coronavirus Relief Fund and allocating the money to Connecticut's Acute Care Hospitals to support their ongoing efforts to battle COVID-19.

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Danbury Hospital will receive an estimated $3,258,853 of the $40 million dollars, second only to Yale-New Haven Hospital, who will receive the highest share of the $40 mil, over double of Danbury Hospital's share. YNHH will receive an estimated $6,884,263.

According to the press release from Governor Lamont's office, the funding will be released to non-governmental, short-term general hospitals that have incurred expenses and meet certain requirements from the pandemic. Governor Lamont said:

This funding recognizes the frontline role of Connecticut's Hospitals and their dedicated employees have played throughout the pandemic. It is not an overstatement to say that this role has been heroic and continues to be indispensable as we all work together to defeat the virus. Our hospitals have needed to adapt to new protocols and infection control measures, while also ceasing elective procedures during the crest of the first wave of Covid-19, which had the effect of increasing costs and decreasing revenues, not to mention the physical, mental, and emotional toll this pandemic has taken on their staff. While these Hospitals have received direct Federal Aid during this crisis, some of them and their affiliated practices are still experiencing financial hardship. This $40 million dollars will help those providers through this difficult time and recognizes the critical work and dedication they have demonstrated


As part of the agreement to receive this funding, the hospitals must report their eligible costs to the Department of Social Services, who, after review, will issue reimbursements on a weekly basis.

Other area Hospitals that will be eligible to receive a portion of the Coronavirus Relief Fund Payment are:

  • Bridgeport Hospital - $855,905
  • Griffin Hospital - $1,758,224
  • St, Mary's - $388.946
  • Charlotte Hungerford - $750.106

Considering that some hospitals are receiving only a little bit more than $100,000, Danbury Hospital should be in good shape to recoup some of their COVID-19 expenses over the next couple of months due to this funding.

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